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Uncovering their plans (Part 1) – Phil Schneider

They should be prepared for an unexpected order to get out of town in a hurry, and many people are connecting dots between this and the Denver International Airport. The Denver International Airport has long been rumoured to be sitting a top and underground military base built deep beneath the surface and connected to several other underground bases.

These rumours are the result of several interesting facts from 1995 until he was found dead.

Phil Schneider gave dozens of lectures claiming to be a geological engineer, hired to build deep underground military bases known as dumbs for the US government. His father was Captain Oscar Schneider, a former Nazi stationed in Florida, working black operations for naval intelligence.

Phil Schneider was showing samples of what he claimed were unknown, exotic metals. He provided maps of the underground dumps. Off dramatic scars that he claimed were from a violent skirmish with a non-human species deep underground. In January of 1996, Schneider was found dead in his home days after he mysteriously died of strangulation.

Investigations were never completed and it was ruled a suicide. His evidence went missing. Before he died, Phil Schneider used his clearance to take investigative author Alex Christopher into the top underground levels of the. Port where they took pictures of a long road heading off to multiple destinations, built upon 53 square miles of land, 25 miles from downtown.

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