Authentic Discovery

Authentic Discovery is a channel created to share truth. We all hold a piece of truth that is unique to us. Collectively these create another truth. This channel aims to explore individual truths to see if there is a one truth! The conversations were created to aid in the dissemination of information, and to get to know each other. The PC world that was created has created a castration of people being able to talk, to explore and express their truth. Without the ability to talk freely we lose our ability to create something new. We may not like what another has to say, but if we deny their right to say it, we also deny the possibility of growth, of learning and the ability to lovingly challenge where ideologies originate and what their purpose may be. You will also find stories and musings on this channel. I believe that stories are fundamental to our innerstanding of who we are and how we evolve. They are also hold a primal connection of how we have evolved and expressed ourselves. Once we would have shared these stories around fireplaces and then parents would have told them to their children at bedtime. Listening to a story takes us into unknown worlds and far away places. I hope you enjoy them. Not all stories are suitable for children, please use your discernment. Do get in touch if you would like to participate in a storymaking workshop.