As a member of, you have the opportunity to subscribe to The Business Network.

Becoming a member of The Business, as a company or an individual, is akin to be- coming an introducer of and the services it provides. This allows you to recruit members to the network and to then share in any of the profits that are generated, by any of the members you introduce, when they spend money on any of the In One Place services.

Your revenue will be generated from a variety of different things, such as membership fees, products sold, brokerage fees, advertising spend, banking transactions, merchant service fees and a number of other business models, that have been developed within In One Place.



The Business is a ground-breaking community based, referral business network. A core part of In One Place is an area called The Networks. The Business which is one of our Networks and it offers to all registered members, the opportunity to build and develop their own mini community within the community, and to benefit from all revenues that are generated from the introductions made to In One Place. In One Place offers a range of products and services to its members, including but not exclusive to, things such as banking, advertising, offline events, cloud services, discounted consumer services and even a private community currency.

Members of The Business are able to add to their existing businesses revenue, by simply introducing their connections and friends to the range of online and offline services that we offer. The Business enables any existing running company, to expand on their own business model, and it also offers to budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to start a new business, at a fraction of the usual costs.

We find it rather strange, that most social media networks never offer to their members the opportunity to work in partnership with the portal, and to share in the profits generated from introductions. is the first social media networking website, that offers a full business incubator solution to its members.

The aim of The Businesses is to assist its members to develop a profitable business, hopefully producing a number of millionaires, which would allow you to then join join another of our Networks, Xclusive One, the company’s own high net-worth gated community. It really does pay to build your own community In One



Existing Businesses


New Start-ups

Flexible lifestyle seekers

Individuals seeking an additonal income


Our celebratory free prize draws will include everyone that is registered into The Business, on specific dates to be determined in the future, under the following criteria:

The particular dates of the Free Prize Draws will be started, based on the key adoption numbers as detailed in the chart. The prize draws will be offered to everyone that has registered for The Business Special Offer Pack on the specific dates show in the chart.

The prize draws will be offered to everyone that has registered for The Business Special Offer Pack on the specific dates show in the chart.


Each prize draw will include all registered members at the time of the draw, members are not precluded from entering any of the future free prize draws, based on winning a previous draw.

This offer is subject to terms and conditions *


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Becoming a member of The Business, will give you the immediate ability to earn revenues, from the introduction of your connections and family, to the services offered by In One Place.

In One Place aims to offer a censorship free network, whilst respecting our members data, and a range of core services provided for free, that often incur a premium charge on other comparable networks.

In addition, we provide a number of income generating services to our members, but unlike the current mainstream social media platforms, In One Place intends to share its revenues with its members.

The Business allows members the opportunity to build their own business, within the business and to share in the gross profits that are generated, by the membership that they introduce.

In One Place currently has over 20 income generating structures live within the community, with many more planned to launch over the coming 12 months. Members of The Business get full access to and will benefit from, their share of revenues generated through their introductions.

No, all income streams are included within the package.

The Business carries a monthly fixed fee of $15 per month, or you can get annual subscription for $150.

All income streams except for those generated by Sense Bank and The Digitall Wallet, offer to The Business members, a 20% split of the net profits. Sense bank and The Digitall Wallet have their own unique commission splits, based on their business models, but both offer a healthy income split available on all transactions.

Profits are paid on a monthly basis and will be paid directly into your Digitall Wallet.


On Site Advertising
Offsite Advertising
Classifieds Advertising
Offline Events Fees
Event Sponsorship
The Vault (Cloud Services)
Discount Offering Fees (The Club)
Pay Per View Content (The Library)
Personalised Pin
An Ecommerce Portal Provision
White Label Dashboards
White Label Wallets
Launch & Special Offer Promotions
Social Media Management
Influencer Marketing
Web Marketing
Web & Corporate Design
App Design


Bank Account Opening (Sense Bank)
Bank Fees Income Share
Wallet Multi-Tier Income Stream (The Digitall Wallet)
Merchant Services Provision
Precious Metals Sales and Storage (IM Gold)
Precious Metals Commodity Trading
Copyrighting Solutions
Financing - Debt and Equity
Freight Forwarding
Drinks Distribution
Medical Supplies Distribution
Licensed Sports Agency


Food Delivery
Mentoring Services
Buddy Services
Health Products

After joining The Business, you will be contacted by one of our trained business consultants, who will talk you through all of the opportunities offered by In One Place. They will assist you in how to get started and how to set up your plan for the future.