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The Business is a ground-breaking initiative launched within social media and business forums. The Business Network gives existing businesses the tools to expand their services, whilst offering budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to start a new business, at a fraction of the usual costs.

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We find it strange that to date, no social media network has ever offered to its members the opportunity to work in partnership with itself. is the first networking website to offer a business incubator, offering to its members, the opportunity to profit from introducing the services of the network to future members.

The Businesses aim is to assist its members to develop a profitable business, with the intention of producing many millionaires, allowing you to join Xclusive One, the company’s own high net-worth gated community.

How Does It Work?

As a member of, you have the opportunity to subscribe to The Business Network. Membership of The Business, (company or individual) is akin to becoming a franchisee of, where you can recruit members and share in the profits made from the new members that you introduce to and its networks.

A partner in The Business will earn a share of the profits made from their referrals that use the services of This can include service charges, broker fees and other generated income as well as their subscription to networks such as Digitall and Xclusive One.

People all over the world that use social media, have been crying out for a real networking environment that they can trust, where they can actually contribute to the growth of the portal. Where business can be conducted, full to the brim with REAL PEOPLE, sharing REAL IDEAS, and creating REAL OPPORTUNITIES in a genuinely REAL NETWORKING environment.


Well we could easily answer this as everyone, but it certainly encompasses the following types of individuals.

● Entrepreneurs

● Existing businesses

● Networkers

● New start ups

● Flexible lifestyle seekers

● Individuals seeking an additional income stream


Becoming a member of The Business Network is simple, your new business can be established from as little as USD 15.00 per month.

Sign up today, and start earning tomorrow.

For further details email – [email protected]

We value you as our partner, and want you to share in the success of this website, so join The Business today and help us change the face of social media networking forever.


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