• Hi all, I have joined, and thank you to all who see the scams.
    I am looking for a no contract SIM, all inclusive.
    Can anyone recommend.
    Time is tight as I am having to fight everyone of these organisations right now.
    They took 2 homes, assault by police. Then arrested for emailing MP and put in mental hospital.
    So they got my phone’s, laptop…Read More

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  • Welcome to the new IOP

  • Hi everyone, can anyone help me with this situation? I need to respond today to this false claim made against me in the small claims court. I only just received the letter.
    I’ve received a small claim on me through Devon County court from a former tenant of my flat, who is playing the system and trying to scam me.

    • Tenant was pai…Read More

    • True, if it is not your name, how can it be for you ?

    • It will be up to him to show evidence that he has not been paid his deposit AND has paid last month’s rent. If you have proof you repaid his deposit it should be ok.