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Oil IS Not A Fossil Fuel

Learn why oil is NOT a fossil fuel It is an abiotic, which is a Self Regenerating Compound. We have been lied to on many many levels. Click to rate […]

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Brace For The $1 Trillion Aftershock From Debt Deal

There has been lots of talk about the debt ceiling debate for weeks and it looks like a deal was finally made… well, not so much a deal as a […]

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A recent customer experiment re taking money out of Santander.

Not the most polished presenter, but this is a recent experiment done by a customer of Santander, who tried to remove £2,510 from their account, and were refused for their […]

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Why Is The World’s Most Important Market CRASHING?

Learn Georges take on why the oil market crashing….. Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]You must sign in to vote

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This Chart Explains What’s Next For The Economy | Happening Again!

This little known concept and chart dating back to the 1950’s showed the Federal Reserve what would happen if they enacted their policies…and they ignored it. The period between the […]

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