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    5 months, 1 week ago

    Jason: I’ve been avidly hunting around for anyone else asking about this, but have so far come up blank. There is no ‘forum’ as such (correct me if I’m wrong), and although the website in nicely and logically laid out, it’s difficult to find ‘mentions’ or key words. Again, sorry if there is, but I’m just getting to grips with the site and how it works.

    My question is, do your provide transcriptions of video material on here, whatever the genre, as while watching recordings, there is no way to pause them, so I can’t stop it and make notes. I’m looking at AI transcribing services (Otter being one such package that has good reviews and feedback); BUT TBH I’m suspicious of anything to do with AI (even though effective in many ways and many applications, but hopeless in others) as it’ll inadvertently be ‘spying’, not just on what MY IP address (even though I use VPN) says about me, but what’s actually going on in the RoE groups as a whole! The fact that they keep pushing this capability on people, and integrating it ‘free of charge’ into many applications (yeah, right!), like with the arm needle, whenever they ‘push’ something it’s likely for ‘their’ benefit (like FB and other social media platforms, not to mention Google, who offered ‘free’ email services, so that later, further down the line, they could make it difficult to extricate oneself from it as it’s so integral to everything.

    So please kindly let me know if there ARE transcripts of your videos, as I need to construct a step-by-step MindMap guide, to ease and condense everything into some orderly system, whereby you start at the top, choosing your subject, and then working your way down through a systematic process, in a 1-2-3 style. Transcriptions can then be worked through, highlighting the important and crucial bits, and incorporating that into one’s own guided process.

    I hope you’re able to help? I did send an email already, to your ProtonMail account, not specifically on this, but highlighting a few points.

    Many thanks.


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