It’s not “just a mask”!

As we see lockdown restrictions easing, and the promise of a return to normality, it’s important we are still mindful of the damage mask-wearing has done – and will continue to do. With the anticipated “freedom” day already speculatively being pushed back from 21st June now, more than ever, we must arm ourselves with evidenced scientific knowledge and make informed decisions about our adherence to the controls placed on us.

At the Awareness Foundation, it is our mission to highlight truths that are in plain sight and bring knowledge and understanding to everyone oppressed by unsubstantiated global policies. Our team of researchers have painstakingly gathered and analysed over 75 papers and articles, to create the most concise and thorough investigative report currently available on the breadth of risks wearing a mask can cause.

Broken down into 12 core themes with 40 sub-groups, the report comprises an executive summary highlighting the key takeaways, followed by a précis of all the literature from respected scientific publications like the Primary Doctor Medical Journal and Psychology Today. Collated into thematic groups ranging from the toxic chemistry of the mask to the danger of exercising with a mask on, and the potential damage to children’s emotional development, the data evaluated covers a spectrum of physical harms, psychological impediments, the rigour of manufacturing masks, and beyond.

Did you know that an in-use face mask can include over 200,000 different aerosolised viruses at any one time? Re-inhaling this air contaminated with bacterial and toxic particles, coupled with low O2 and high CO2 levels from having our breathing restricted, causes an imbalance in the body’s natural state. Upsetting our internal environment not only hinders the efficacy of our immune system, but it can also cause self-toxicity – both of which can lead to symptoms very similar to those identified as key features of Covid-19. Sadly, and unsurprisingly, not many people know the extent, and variety, of harm frequent mask-wearing causes.

We face the challenge of peer-reviewed scientific evidence that does not align with the narrative, being censored from the public by our political leaders and mainstream media every day. The result is the suppression of any counter-information that would allow individuals to assess risk and make an informed decision about the impact of this seemingly innocuous medical intervention.

Thankfully, the removal of the requirement for children to wear masks in schools has very recently been lifted, but the battle continues as we work to raise awareness of their harms to the general population. If you are interested in knowing more – to arm yourself and your friends, family, and colleagues with this crucial information – then please follow the link to download the full report.

This report has been fully cited and we would be delighted if this research is drawn upon for use in other publications, but please ensure you reference the Awareness Foundation as your source.

Photos by Bernd Klutsch and Claudio Schwarz Purzlbaum on Unsplash

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