Is There a Saviour Against the Spike Proteins in the Form of the Most Natural Cleanser on the Planet?

It’s not in dispute that we are in very bizarre times, no matter what side of the fence you sit on regards the p(l)andemic. But, as In One Place is a sanctuary for the free thinkers of the world, the curious and the solutions-based, I’m going to assume you’re of the mind that what is going on is, indeed, of a criminal nature.

When, back in March 2020, most of us were frantically washing our hands singing happy birthday three times (wow, what a distant memory that is!), and desperately trying not to touch our faces, there were a few questioning and suspecting there was an agenda at play; I was one of those people, I just didn’t know what the agenda was. Yeah, sure, getting paid to be off work was great in the beginning, but as the truth started to unfold it became apparent that it was a slippery slope to a controlled trap! Roll on to 2021, and here we are, at war (Agenda 21). The difference with this war compared to the others is that we are not witnessing carnage on the streets and bombs falling from the sky. No, this war is a war against the mind, and that’s why there are only a few of us fighting for freedom, and against genocide.

I could write about all the tools they’re using against us to create division (and conquer), but this isn’t what this piece is about. I don’t think I could even manage to coherently write down all that’s in my head without just going straight to Agenda 30 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, so I’m going to stick to the topic in question… the spike proteins contained in the treatments that have been rushed through. 

I am no scientist, but I instinctively know that placing toxins in your body surely can’t be a good thing. I have been majority plant-based for many years, understanding that we are what we consume, (and that includes air and water – but I won’t ramble on about that. I’ve been distilling my own water for some time now after discovering what they put in water! Check out water distillers here to purify your tap water here.

I digress. So, back in 2020, even though I had no knowledge of the full agenda, I knew vaccines were going to be part of the plan. This created internal panic as it’s my choice what I put in my body, and as I am more of a holistic-minded woman, this was definitely not something I would be agreeing to any time soon. I don’t even take paracetamol! Also, it started to become apparent what the vaccines were intended for but, again, that’s a whole new blog. So I’m here today to offer a potential solution to the damage the injections are causing.

Spike Proteins

As I said earlier, I am not a scientist and nor am I an immunologist or a medical practitioner.  I’m simply someone who uses intuition to decide whether something is good or bad before it goes into my body (and yes, I do fall foul of junk food). I’ve never understood how vaccines work because it’s never entered my head (as an adult) that I would ever take one, so why would I need to know this information? But those of us in the know understand this ‘vaccine’ is experimental, and trials don’t end until 2023.  Yep, they are experimenting on the world’s population.

“The mRNA contained in the vaccine was programmed to remain at the injection site, but it did not. Therefore, it is assumed that the spike protein is also in those organs, apparently confirming the risks raised in a study conducted in Japan.” (Source – The Cognitive Man

These injections are designed to change the genetic structure of our DNA (gene therapy is laid out in the manifesto of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the Government website here.

Is there a way to rid the mRNA? This I don’t know, but we can possibly help with the spike proteins  

As I have no real understanding of what spike proteins are, I’m going to lay it out simply. They are a toxin. Those aware of how the body responds to toxins know they cause disease, inflammation, and death. Toxins create a positive charge within the body, and zeolites create a negative one. The very nature of zeolites is to cleanse toxins from the site of origin. How I visualise it is, remember the baddies in Superman II being cast out into space in the ‘cage’. Zeolite does just this, as it’s a cage-like structure that attracts, like a magnet, positively charged toxins including mercury, lead, cadmium, and glyphosate.  (I do need to highlight there is no scientific evidence of this, nor any claims being made by me – but what is scientifically proven is that the spike protein does have a positive charge and zeolite a negative one.)

There is speculative concern from those who are choosing not to take the injection and that is the shedding of these spike proteins. So, zeolite could be a useful addition to your arsenal of supplements as it has the potential to rid the body of the spike protein.

Disclaimer: I have been taking Cleanslate for around a year now, and although I don’t actively promote it, I am an affiliate for The Root Brands Company. Given we are in very strange and worrying times I feel now is the time to start sharing what I have learned, and continue to talk about the power of zeolite.

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