Eyes Opened for Newbies

When I decided to finally sit down, muster my courage and memory, and start writing this book, I was immediately filled with self-doubt.  Not an emotion I generally struggle with anymore, this was an emotion I hadn’t felt for many years due to my awakening, but still, it came.  The years of attacks, whether mild little comments from strangers online, or huge attacks from so-called friends, for having an opinion that differs from theirs, has clearly had an impact on me I hadn’t recognised until now.  Why would anyone be interested in reading my piffle when so many before had criticised me for it?  Well, in short, I once again have to stop giving a fuck what anyone else thinks of me, and I have to listen to my inner voice and the universe around me.  For years my inner voice has been screaming at me to write this book and ignore the haters.  So, I’m going to, and sod the consequences.  Not only is this my truth, but I now understand it may be the truth of so many others out there.  And there has never been a better time to start shouting to let others hear our voices.  So, to all you newbies out there, or even my more experienced brothers and sisters, I do hope my thoughts on the very difficult process of awakening, will offer some guidance, solidarity and support. 

So, I’m guessing if you’ve picked this book up, then you have already realised that something is amiss with the world.  Something just isn’t right.  Things don’t add up.  Your gut is constantly talking and telling you something is off.  Do you feel anxious? Do you find it stressing you out? Have you started questioning every single thing in your life and the history you believed?  Relax, you’re not alone.  Not by a long shot. 

So, the first thing you need to understand is, you’re not bonkers.  Not even a little bit (well, maybe a teeny bit, but I find all the best people are a wee bit mad!), but you are not going insane, and you are definitely not alone. 

When I started out, there was barely anyone else awake, anywhere.  I felt a bit of a freak.  Utterly alone in a world, surrounded by people who thought differently than me, had different interests, could actually care enough to do the small talk thing, and who seemingly didn’t see what I was seeing.  I had never felt alone before, but I did then.  This wasn’t even something I could talk to my family about; they would think I was insane. 

However, in the last few years I have witnessed an awakening of such a huge magnitude, it’s filled me with joy!  The last 12 months, with the introduction of the Covid scamdemic, has increased those numbers 100-fold, through what I’ve observed on social media and online chats and blogs. The covid hoax has caused far more to awaken to our actual reality than 9/11 did even, and I think this is due to our ability to share more information, on more platforms, with more vigour than ever before. The Great Awakening has begun in earnest.  Thank fuck.  I have learnt over the last 20 years that patience is a virtue and the urges to march through the streets bitch-slapping passers-by into waking up, is probably not the ideal solution.  Twitter was initially where I noticed the changes, and since then, other new social media sites have emerged, offering the awakened new and uncensored places to visit, voice their opinions, learn from others, and receive some support. This has led to the meteoric increase in newbies coming forward and finally getting their voice heard and to be able to ask questions without being mocked.  That’s far more important than it may seem initially. For those of you who have been awake for a while, you will understand fully why that support is an incredibly valuable and life-saving part of the awakening movement. There are now millions of us on this journey, at differing stages, but we are doing it together. So, now you know something isn’t as you’ve been led to believe by the powers that be, it’s time to embark upon the full awakening experience.  So, strap yourself in, it may be a bumpy ride. 

Mine And Your Awakening

My journey was rather a lonely one, for the first ten years.  Back in 2001 my job involved me working directly with supermarkets and their suppliers.  Now, before you start to nod off, bear with me.  The influence and corruption we have all learnt to spot, penetrates through every single element of our lives, intentionally.  I began to realise the immense power the supermarkets held over our entire food chain.  From the seed going into the soil, to the product that ends up on our plates.  The entire process.  Their control is one of complete power, and this is not safe for any UK citizen.  ‘You control the food; you control the people.’ 

From the supermarket’s active encouragement of monocrop farming, through to animal welfare, they’ve got it all wrong.  The desire to improve the bottom line clearly held far more importance to them than ensuring our ability to grow food safely and ethically and retain any food sovereignty. And this mentality does not bode well for the future, for us, our children or our grandchildren.  I could see the way they would force any new supplier to abide by their rules, controls and demands.  The supplier may have to borrow heavily to change the entire infrastructure of their business, just to appease the supermarkets to stand a chance of accessing that distribution route. I know supermarkets will flower it up and insist that there are only controls to ensure the absolute best quality for customers, and there will be an element of truth in that, but the bottom line was and is, the bottom line. 

This little insight motivated me into looking into farming and the food production system even further.  And what I found horrified me to my core.  How could a huge sector like this be so controlled by so few?  These buyers often weren’t specialists in their field and clearly had no interest in supporting the suppliers in an ethical and transparent manner.  Things that make you go, hmmm.  This started me on my journey to questioning more, eventually questioning EVERYTHING, and what I learnt, blew my mind.  This was my trigger. 

Everyone will have had their own trigger.  Maybe something they read, an event that happened, maybe something someone said to them or maybe their own gut felt odd by just observing the world around them. The trigger could seemingly be meaningless, but it’s a trigger nonetheless and once you start walking down the path to a full awakening, there is no turning back.  You cannot unlearn what you have learned.  Once your eyes are open, they don’t close again.   

Stage One – Disbelief 

I am very aware that everyone’s experience will differ from the next awakened souls experience. But our journey to being fully awakened, will often follow a very similar path to that of others on this route.  First is the initial disbelief and shock.  

“No, no, nope.  The government/establishment/BBC/royal family/business community wouldn’t do that to us? Why would they do that? No. No way.  I mean, I know they can be arseholes and are there to make a living, but they definitely wouldn’t go that far. They wouldn’t do that to us!  Why would they do that? No!  They won’t be bribed for goodness sakes!  They’re professionals!  Why would they want to hurt us?  What would they gain from doing that to us? Nope. Just no.” 

Whether you have had that conversation with yourself or heard it from others, you’ve heard it.  We all have.  The initial disbelief is the first stage of the Awakening process.  Because to look beyond that, to look beyond what we’ve been taught, what we know, what we’ve learnt in school and university, from our parents and the news channels, THAT place is scary.  That’s the unknown.  That is something that takes us way beyond our comfort zone.  And is feels incomprehensible and uncomfortable.  I am sure there are many people who reached this point, couldn’t stomach what they might learn, and then turned back, donned their blinkers and tried to forget the entire unseemly episode of potentially questioning their entire existence.  But for those brave and true enough to take the next step, the entire rabbit hole journey is only just beginning. 

The plunge into the unknown can be scary and exhilarating, it is overwhelming and the expression ‘blew my mind’ is one I often hear from relative newbies who are absolutely absorbing every little bit of information they can. The first step down the rabbit hole is intoxicating, frightening, overwhelming and an education in its own right.  As we negotiate the incredible amount of information available at our fingertips, we learn to discern the wheat from the chaff, the sources we can trust, and the disinformation carefully placed to throw us off at a tangent and keep us from discovering truths and our reality. 

Where to begin?  There are some fantastically well-researched videos available, that will encourage your mind to broaden and present facts, backed up with evidence and common-sense. Some will make you ask more questions; some will give you answers, some will open your mind to topics you hadn’t even thought about.  I have listed some great options below, to get you started. 

Anything by: 

Alan Watts 

George Cairlin 

Bill/William Cooper 

Noam Chomsky 

David Icke 

Max Spiers 

James Corbett 

This is a tiny percentage of videos available.  Go digging.  Some are good, some are great, some are utter shit.  It’s for you to decide what sits real with you. I’m not saying you believe all of these above, I’m not suggesting you don’t.  It’s up to you.  But all of those above, should cause you to open and stretch your mind and emotions in differing directions.  And that process is key! 

Once you start connecting the many, many dots, you may feel inclined, overwhelmingly, to tell EVERYONE you know.  Family, friends, colleagues, shoppers in your local Co-op, people at the bus-stop, passers-by and potentially people relaxing on the beach. The urgency and panic you feel when everything starts to align, will become so powerful that it chases you until it can affect your sleep, you forget how to relax, you start to see the true meaning behind the adverts on TV, you have a nervous, anxious energy flowing under your skin, your mind won’t calm down, the panic, the panic!!!  Stop. Take a breath.  Take a hundred slow breaths.  What you are feeling is the desire and need to wake people up. ‘WAKE UP!!!’  How many times have we all seen someone on our social media post a comment like this? Many, many times over the years.  Why did they always sound so desperate and panicked?  Now you know why.  That fear we feel and the need to tells others is the second stage.   

The Fear

If we don’t watch ourselves carefully, the fear can become overwhelming.  Fear when you wake up in the morning. Fear when you hear the news. Fear for your children.  Fear for the future of the world.  Fear as you slowly accept what our actual reality looks like.  Fear creeps through your veins every single waking moment of the day.  You may lose weight.  You may develop a twitch. You may even fear getting out of bed.  The fear and anxiety is real.  And it’s powerful!  If you don’t learn to swiftly keep your fear under control and safe techniques to manage the anxiety, you can end up harming your own being. 

Whilst it is perfectly natural, and an essential part of the awakening process, to experience these emotions, we must quickly learn how to manage the fear and anxiety that threatens to overtake us.  Different techniques work for different people, but to move on to the next stage of the emotional process, management is key.  For years we have been brainwashed in to forgetting how to think and feel for ourselves.  We have been spoon-fed by the powers that be, how we should eat, sleep, function, purchase, live and breathe.  It’s insane and controlling, but it serves their purpose.  For us, it’s an opportunity to further sever connections to the mind-control manipulation and to start our own internal healing.  So, how do we do this?   

As I previously mentioned, this will look a little different for everyone, but I have found some general concepts that prove beneficial to everyone. 

  1. Remember – You are not alone!! –  Never before in my life have so many awakened or begun that journey. Not even close.  When we first wake up and subsequently receive our first kick-back from the sleepy ones (the tinfoil, conspiracy theory, are you mad type of responses actually really hurt and bother us, may even cause us to question ourselves), we tend to become insular with our true thoughts and feelings and thus don’t wish to repeat the humiliation and anger caused by someone openly mocking us.  Also remember, there’s a very strong chance they are wrong, and you are right! By becoming insular this also makes it harder for you to find other like-minded awakened souls and cause you to feel very alone and scared.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Take it from someone who has been awakening souls for 20 years, you have never before been surrounded by so many others who can empathise with your situation.  And that should be a strong reminder that you will get through this phase, and there are thousands, if not millions, of others who will support you every step of the way. 

Part Deux: Get in touch with your spiritual side – Many of you won’t believe in God, or any other spiritual or religious deities.  That’s fine.  Perfectly fine.  But I do insist you consider opening your mind to potential spiritual research and development. You will be going through one of the most traumatic experiences of your life and you MUST access all supportive options you can.  Our universe is made up of vibrations and frequencies.  WE have access to vibrations and frequencies, within us.  Learning how to connect our body to those, our minds to this calming sensation, opening our souls to this greater power, can give us a strength we may never have felt before.  We know we only use a tiny percentage of our brains power, but what if we could learn to look beyond what we believe to be our limitations and develop our minds and souls in a way we were never taught at school.  These spiritual developments are personal, and I shan’t tell you how you should work towards this, that’s for you to discover, but meditation and getting to know your own body and soul is a key part of this journey and gives us the best strength to fight back the fear. Learn how to raise your own frequency. Learn the tools and skills to manage your own happiness.  WE are responsible for our happiness, nobody else.  Study and embody these skills, it is all part of your spiritual awakening. 

Step 3: Step back – In the beginning, with all this new-found information and thought processes, we can have a tendency to become somewhat addicted.  The desire to learn more and more is a real one, but without ensuring we take time out, it can become harmful.  I love to read, watch furniture upcycling videos on YouTube, do yoga, watch a film, garden, learn about herbalism or go for a dog walk.  Not particularly exciting, but it works for me.  Switching off the endless information gathering is key to maintaining some balance in your soul.  You can have too much of anything, so ensuring you take time away from the research is essential for your spirit.  The information you are absorbing will be mind-blowing at times and a healthy amount of time away from it will provide you with a healthy scepticism, a chance to stop and reflect on what you have learned, give your mind a chance to calm, and give your immunity a break from fear and anxiety!  This is key!  And then when you return to the research you will hopefully feel calmer and more rested.  Fear and anxiety damage us on a cellular level, as well as our mental health. Take care of your body, mind and soul. 

No 4: The Acceptance:  Once you get a grip of some of the fear, you will come to accept your new reality.  Once the mind calms, your brain can start to properly digest all that you have been learning and feeling.  Whilst still overwhelming, you can start to put the incredibly scary information into form. You can start to remove some emotion and see it, almost clinically.  The information, once you have started to piece it together, can become factual information, rather than emotionally driven scary stories. You can remove the hurdles that held you back, and be able to open your mind further, to analyse what you learn in a more academic style.  You start to accept everything you read as a possibility, learn to digest it, roll it over in your mind, decide whether it fits with your common sense and gut instinct, align it with other information you have learned and connect some dots, keep it, reject it, pop on the backburner, but ultimately, you learn how to dig and think effectively.  Once you are able to do that with an almost cold and open mind, you know you have come to accept the world is very different than the one you used to see, and that you are now open to the entire universe and accept things in their real state.  This is where you start to gain your true power. 

Stage 5: Managing The Resistance: As you grow you will still be driven to wake up the sleepy world, to share your truth with others, and to continue on your own journey.  Now as I mentioned earlier, you will be meet The Resistance.  This wonderful process is filled with humiliation, anger, disappointment, hurt, lies, embarrassment and loneliness. Sounds fun, huh? Nope.  It’s not fun, not one bit. Others will react to you so vehemently sometimes that it will make you feel utter shit and question your own stance and being. The answer to this problem? Fuck them.  Fuck the lot of them.  If you can stand with your hand on your heart and swear to your ancestors that you truly believe you are doing the morally right and just thing, then fuck them.  Try and awaken as many as you can, I absolutely salute you, but I must warn you that you have to strap on your armour, mentally, and be prepared for incessant attacks.  Those that are still asleep have been beautifully programmed for all of their life.  They have been programmed to trust those in power, the rich, the intelligentsia, the good people on TV.  They have been brainwashed. We were all there once, and that is something we need to remember.  Trust me, I would have probably found many of you frustrating at one point, much as we often feel towards the sleepy now.  The difference is, we have had our spiritual awakening, we have received our triggers, and we have started down the road to healing and happiness. These poor souls aren’t even close yet, as the further along the timeline we go, the tougher they will find their awakening when it comes.  But step away when you feel their confrontations may be damaging your well-being.  It’s not worth that.  You are one of the valuable awakened and your well-being is essential.  Be kind to yourself, take a break, walk away, and if needs be, leave them behind. 

Six: Social Situations = shitty feelings: You will now be realising that normal day-to-day conversations no longer mean anything to you.  You may struggle to take part in societies general rambling about the weather, without wanting to mention the impact of geoengineering.  You may struggle to give a shit about the latest story on the royals, hoping nobody asks you your opinion on the topic.  You may wish to pick up something heavy and throw it when someone asks you if you have Alexa, and if not, why not.  Every single social situation you experience will suddenly feel very different and often, difficult.  Again, this is a perfectly normal part of the awakening process.   

Parties and invites and social clubs and pub chats can often feel meaningless.  Family gatherings and celebrations can be filled with your awkwardness and disappointment.  Avoidance of these events will frequently be commonplace.  The urge to hide away can become an increasingly attractive proposition. It’s understandable.  Why would you want to spend time around people who don’t and won’t understand your truth, won’t even listen to you with an open mind, who politely move away from the conversation as quickly as humanly possible or, those who are happy to mock you and be unkind in front of others.  Nobody wants to experience those things.  But remember, you are now on the right side of history and have a role in this Great Awakening.  Hold your head high, do what you can, but don’t push or force yourself into really uncomfortable social situations. Just say no thanks.  Whilst I urge you to maintain as much of a social life as possible, I believe it’s also OK to put a limit on these if they affect your emotional or spiritual well-being. 

7th Point: Moving Forward – Once we accept the real truths, have done our digging, have accepted our impacted relationships, where do we go from there?  Well, simple answer is, we join the Great Awakening movement and do all we can to further our own education, continue to try and awaken the zombies, and start to think on the next spiritual level.  Where do we go from here?  How do we remove the evil? What is my role now, and in the future? What should our future society look like?  You are one of the awakened souls, and you were awakened for a reason, what is that reason?  These soul-searching questions are another part of the process to opening our minds.  Think bigger.  Think universally.  Embrace these questions.  Re-train your mind.  Allow it to open and acknowledge this is the next stage of the Great Awakening – vibrations and frequencies raised across a collective consciousness, that YOU are a part of!  This is a crucial moment in the history of our species, and YOU are an incredibly important soul in this process, your energy and being are immensely important in helping this to happen.  You are already doing it without even knowing.  Keep, moving forward, keep advancing your body, mind and soul. And keep up the good practical work, whether that is online, putting up posters, growing your own food, starting community action groups, creating your own news group…. So many actions we can take individually, and with others. 

Number 8: Never give up hope! – The ‘dark side’ utterly detest us having hope.  They want to squash all positivity and hope.  They want us feeling despair, regret, guilt and hopelessness. Don’t let them!  This is one of the biggest steps you can take in revolting against the powers that be!  You can instantly rebel by refusing to allow your emotions to be manipulated by them.  They will try every trick in the book.  Spend time learning how to manage your emotions and your mind. It is hard for all us to achieve every day, that’s life, we all have bad days.  But learn to spot it when it happens, spot it swiftly, allow yourself to take a step back, do something else, something that feeds your soul, and then come back to fighting this spiritual war, when you feel ready.  Others will have your back. Connect with all those who feel the same as you, they will protect you, as you will protect them.  Keep hope.  I promise you when I say, we have never been so close to a full awakening in thousands of years!  This moment in our history is phenomenal!  Stay strong and NEVER give up hope! 

Below I have listed some topics to get you started on your journey to fuller truth and knowledge. First some guidance: 

  • Look at ALL sides of an argument.  Looking at just one side is foolish.  Remember, wolves in sheep’s clothing are all around us, and it’s hard to discern truth from fiction without aiming to listen to every side of an argument.  This process also teaches us to increase our capacity to think critically. 
  • Look at your sources.  Who are they?  Are they funded? If so, by whom?  What would their potential interests be? 
  • Don’t just trust what you see and read.  Check the source.  Does the info settle with your own gut instinct and common sense?  Who profits? Follow the money. Always. 
  • Retain an open mind at all times.  Try not to draw judgement or conclusion until your subconscious sees absolutely no other option is available – that is probably the reality. 
  • Roll with what you personally find interesting initially.  There is absolutely no right or wrong.  Follow your gut and you will eventually end up going down most rabbit holes! 

Topics to get you started:  Below is a basic list of potential topics you may be interested in researching.  What will become very, very clear as you work through these topics, EVERYTHING is interconnected.  EVERYTHING.  Those who would commit evil have ensured they have some control over every aspect of our lives across the world.  No stone has been left unturned.  No avenue unfollowed.  This is all intentional.  This is part of their plan.  It has been hundreds of years in the making and we are alive as it reaches its climax.  The names you come across will pop up time and time again.  Only a few families have control over EVERYTHING.  And that trail is surprisingly easy to find and follow.  Most importantly, keep an open mind, NOTHING is off the list.  

  • The House of Guelph 
  • The Black Nobility 
  • The Vatican 
  • Rothschilds 
  • Rockefellers 
  • Operation Mockingbird 
  • The IMF 
  • Council of Foreign Relations 
  • Operation Northwoods 
  • Project Paperclip 
  • Project Sunshine 
  • MK-Ultra 
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation 
  • Geoengineering / SRM (Solar Radiation Management) 
  • Operation Popeye 
  • Monsanto 
  • Johnson & Johnson 
  • Microchip implants 
  • CIA Heart attack gun 
  • SV40 
  • Tonkin False Flag 
  • The Pheobus Cartel 
  • 9/11 
  • Project Blue Book 
  • The Bilderberg Group 
  • Trilateral Commission 
  • Bohemian Grove 
  • History of the Federal Reserve 
  • WW1 & WW2 
  • City of London 
  • Underground tunnels and bases 
  • Venetian Nobility 
  • ROME!!! Club of Rome 
  • World Bank 
  • Tavistock Institute 
  • Chatham House 
  • All Royal Families, history & lineage 
  • Why are bloodlines so important to them? 
  • House of Hapsburg, Grosvenor, Hanover, Witten, Orange, Bernadotte, Oldenburg 
  • How charities and NGO’s work. 
  • Human Brain 

Again, this is by no means exhaustive and take from all this, what you want and need.  But it’s a starting point. 

As you take the next step on your journey to your own spiritual awakening, know you are not alone.  We are all by your side and help is there if you need it.  But this is your journey, make it work for you. 

God Bless.

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