Hold The Line – September 11th 2021

Hold The Line
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What is Hold The Line and what is it about? 

With more and more people emerging from the restrictions which have isolated us all, in some way or another, over the past 17 months, many of us have begun to question if these restrictions have been to our benefit. These questioning individuals have done their research and found valuable information. But this information has been deemed dangerous by the mainstream media, and the censorship is extremely one sided. This has caused many people to become concerned and angry at the way our basic freedoms have been slowly yet visibly taken away. Those that have become frustrated have felt increasingly isolated which can result in a lack of confidence to stand up within their own truth, founded from relevant research.

The process that has unfolded has isolated us all from each other and those that have been able to attend the rallies in London and Bristol realise the importance and the nourishing energy that can come from physically being around like-minded people. With this in mind, The Awareness Foundation began a project to give the whole of the UK a chance to experience this connection so that they can realise that they are not alone. 

In fact there is a whole army of us out there!!

We are not followers, we are leaders! It has been said that there is strength in numbers, there is also an amazing amount of support from being one of those numbers.

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Our inspiration comes from the two million people who held hands in a peaceful protest on the August 23rd, 1989. They stretched their human change 650 km. The Baltic people of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia wanted freedom from the Soviet Union, and their human chain had a huge impact. 


Many have accepted the isolation because they have accepted the unscientific government guidelines. If it is on the news, then it must be true… But is there a possibility that the news could be feeding us untruths? In 1938, actors read an adapted version of The War of the Worlds, by H.G. Wells, in the Colombia Broadcasting System studio in New York. It was a story of an alien invasion where monsters were destroying all armed resistance sent to defend our world. The following day, the newspapers printed stories of the terror that swept the nation. Now we see a worldwide pandemic that has caused rips in family dynamics, workplaces, even religious settings. All of these places we thought were safe for us are now under threat, with many of us now realising that we are no longer welcome in them. The fear-inducing propaganda seems to be some sort of psychological game to profit the already rich, warping the minds of our nearest and dearest. 


Hold The Line’s philosophy is one of inclusion and support, a welcoming blanket for those the media has labelled the irresponsible minority. The ‘misfit anti-vaxxers’ is one of the many labels given to anyone questioning the narrative. But are we really the minority? How many like-minded people are actually out there? Do we or they even know where to turn, or are many too scared to air their voice? When we see the acting that was going on at the G7 summit and the forcing through of agendas such as vaccinating children as young as 12 without parental consent, acts like these are bringing many more to their tipping point. 


So now is our chance to draw a line against accepting the lies fed to us as truths. We are not doing this for ourselves but for the safety and the future of our children; we must preserve their and our way of life. For a large percentage of their young lives, they have been forced to not see and play with their own friends

We are not conforming to the fearmongering any longer. Instead we are all about spreading the love. It is important that we keep a positive outlook as we have seen how a negative one can damage physical and mental health, and turn those we love against us. As we plan to stand alongside roads, some of which can be busy, we want to express a simple message. We want to encourage those who haven’t done their research to begin. We don’t want to distract people with messages that are too long or difficult to read as they drive by, we are not here to cause accidents. We are here to show people that we care, that we live by our hearts and not by our minds, which are subject to continuous programming. Because we feel within our hearts and know that our inner strength comes from this very place, our signs will be simple, but powerful. They could even be just a heart. Any colour will do. Wouldn’t it be lovely to drive down a road and see a load of people standing on the side, holding hands, showing their hearts? How can the unaware be offended by that? A simple message, but an extremely powerful one.  

So let’s stand together on the 11th of September at Noon and show our support.


For more information see www.awareness.foundation/holdtheline 

If you are on Telegram you can find your local group on the main page https://t.me/AF_Holdtheline. Currently groups have formed in Ayr, Belfast, Birmingham, Bracknell, Bradford, Brighton, Cambridge, Cumbria, Derby, Dundee, Edinburgh, Exeter, Fife, Glasgow, Gloucester, Hartlepool, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hull, Kent, Lanarkshire, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingaham, Oxford, Peterborough, Sheffield, Southampton, Southend, Sunderland, Surrey, Wakefield, Wales, Wiltshire, Dublin, Los Angeles, Florida, Idaho and Orange County. If your area is not mentioned, please get in touch and request that it is included to get it started.

We must all draw a line in this madness, when governments turn on their own people, we are left with no choice but to respond. On the 11th of September, we will be responding and holding our collective line.


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