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Many moons ago, about 10 years to be precise, I was investigating the dubious business practices of Monsanto, aiming to understand just how they could conduct themselves with such a lack of transparency, over the harm that they have caused throughout the years, and how they are able to get away with murder, literally.  

During this time I found myself sat on the loo one day, reading the local village newsletter, as you do.  On the inside cover was the usual list of upcoming village events, with one particular notice that was supported by a brief editorial that caught my eye.  It was written by a local chap who was studying for his doctorate in Environmental Sciences, and it briefly explained that he was going to be giving a talk on weather modification, and it would be questioning why that would happen and what companies like Monsanto had to do with it.  

Well, this instantly piqued my interest, but sadly I already had plans for that date and would be unable to attend. The very next day I was driving out of the village and happened to see this gentleman walking up the road, I recognised him in that way you can do when you live in a small community.  

I pulled over to introduce myself and I explained I wasn’t able to attend his talk, but would be really keen to hear more. Well, that was the start of an incredibly interesting period of my life, I cancelled my previous plans and attended his talk.

During the evening he gently explained what geoengineering is and his concerns surrounding it, the talk was well attended, yet only a couple of us were really interested in what he had to say. After the meeting I exchanged contact details with David, and we started to share information further. 

David was attending a major university for his doctorate, with most of his work done remotely.  He had started to notice, whilst studying Environmental Sciences, that certain things just weren’t adding up, so he decided to investigate further in his own time. He started to notice ‘chemtrails’ around that time and looked further into this ‘conspiracy theory’, which at that time, was still a very fresh, new concept.

For months I would spend every spare moment trying to help him with his research, he had linked up with some other researchers from across the world, all taking rainwater samples, watching, and recording all the chemtrail and plane activity on the day. They would try and contact various airline services and pilots to find out more. Over time the scientists involved were able to prove that the metallic particulates being shot out of the aerosol containers on the planes included strontium, barium, aluminium, mercury and various other concerning poisons. Each and every one of these types of metal can cause detrimental health effects, not only to humans, but to all life on earth, from plants and trees, through to wildlife and soil.  

The very actions of the pilots releasing these toxins, was nothing short of potential murder.

Me being me, I contacted all the major newspapers about this phenomenal and deadly action. As expected, I got rebuffed. ‘That’s a conspiracy theory stuff, we have no evidence to support that, sorry we cannot publish without evidence.’

I presented the evidence…. ‘Sorry, we are not interested in reviewing that.’  This was the standard response. Then, ironically, I read an article in The Guardian just a few years later, that discussed the potential advantages of geoengineering in blocking the sun, to reduce ‘global warming and climate change’ impacts. Wow! I believe they referred to it as SRM, Solar Radiation Management. But it’s the same bloody thing. 

So, we had established enough evidence to prove this was happening, David started writing papers on this information and was getting information out to his global colleagues, and to as many publications as possible. We pushed and pushed hard for months; the fear had grabbed us. We all knew that aluminium can play a part in the development of Alzheimer’s, amongst other illnesses, what else could come from the poison falling from the sky?

As David pushed harder, his university got wind of what he was up to, he was called in to the university to have ‘a chat’.  At that meeting, he was politely asked to stop publishing his findings and start being a good boy and to leave all the silly stuff alone. Did he? No. Because he had integrity, so we persisted with our studies and the experiments, and the longer we went on, the more concerned we became. 

The logic for why they would be doing this? All we could surmise was that the powers that be wanted to set up a route to damage the global population.  There was no other explanation.

A few weeks after David’s first meeting with his university, he started to receive emails from the university senior team. These contained thinly veiled threats, ‘if you don’t stop pursuing this line of research, then we will have no choice but to halt your doctorate.’ ‘If you don’t     dogs to offer protection. The fear started to intensify, and it was understandable. Around the same time this was happening to him, my PC and phone got hacked several times. It was actually a very daunting and dark period of my life, this was my first time of irritating the authorities and I spent months looking over my shoulder constantly, I still do it now, old habits and all that.  

A couple of months later, David suddenly went off-grid. He stopped responding to my messages and calls, he couldn’t be found online, his footprint all but disappeared. But not to be perturbed, I went to his house and I managed to see him, he was a bit of a wreck and he had clearly lost a fair bit of weight and looked tired. 

From what he would reveal, they had had visitors at night walking around the edge of the property and men had been following their teenage children around, that was enough for him and I could understand. I carried on doing my own searching, but was unable to be as effective as I didn’t know nearly as much as he did.

Today we now have the likes of Bill Gates starting to heavily promote the benefits of geoengineering, but with the use of chalk dust instead apparently. Yeah of course Bill, dim the sun, sounds like a great idea. They claim that this has not been going on for years and that it’s only in the last 4 or 5 years that the idea has been floated, with Dr David Keith being at the forefront of this push.  

Did I mention that Dr Keith was one of Obama’s bitches? No? Well that one for another day, but don’t remind him of that, he gets all kinds of shirty if you confront him with it, well he did with me anyway. However, a number of us uncovered this about 10 years ago, so there is lie number one!

Dr David Keith

Many researchers have since found overwhelming evidence that this murderous campaign had been happening for many more years. Cloud seeding started in the 60’s, The Lynton & Lynmouth flooding has been revealed as an utter cock-up, the military were carrying out an EXPERIMENTAL seed clouding exercise, over civilians and it turned into a complete disaster.

We don’t yet fully understand the long-term implications of geoengineering and weather modification, but we have seen certain breeds of trees start to die out since this global experiment and program started, with many arboriculture consultants raising increasing concerns.

We do know convincingly that blocking the sun will ultimately assist in destroying life on earth as we know it, when you dig deeper and start looking at the names involved, the financial sources and the key players pushing this narrative, you would not be shocked by the names that pop up.

I could supply you with all that information, but I encourage you to do your own research. Start by following the money, always a good place to begin, I am in no doubt that after looking into this for so many years…. a depopulation agenda is in full swing and sadly it has been for a very long time. 

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