Back in the 1960’s, when the first founders begun dabbling with what we now know as the internet, we are confident that they could not have envisaged how fast it would become an integral part of our everyday lives. With the technology of the day they would have found it hard to imagine the power it would have over the world only 30 years later. The internet as we know it today was only developed in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee who launched HTML and created the worldwide web (www) in 1991; Social Media arrived around 1997 and has moved its power for communication on even further.

Social Media more than the internet alone, has radically reduced borders, changing the way many people are now able to report and interact and the ways in which people can cross paths globally. The ability has never been so great for people to be able to do business from almost any location.
From the likes of Facebook and Linkedin, right through to online dating sites, this has become big business. People are now meeting, doing business, and even having babies with people they never would have met, only 20 years ago.

We believe however, this market has reached a plateau. Social Media has moved on at a fast pace, but it has become disjointed, unreliable, and often full of nothing more substantial than fake profiles, spam messages, gossip postings and opinions.

INONEPLACE was designed to change all of that. We believe that it is time for change. In the public arena we have chosen to concentrate on, we bring you the future of business networking.
In our opinion, online business networking should be exactly that, the ability to do business online. Business social media has been stuck in a rut since social media was invented, with only the site owners making fortunes, and the consumers being simply a toy of the creators.


We ask you this; which business website currently gives you the ability to reliably advertise yourself, your company, your activities, and constructively market your services to other vetted potential collaborators or clients?
Where is the site which reliably vets members, allows them to advertise their CV’s and profile, and then pays you if you introduce others to them or to the site?
Where is the business networking site that creates a business model where you can become a working part of the site, and profit from your activities conducted within the site?
Which site has constructed profit making, internal business organisations for like minded people to join, meet, and do business?
Where is the site that promises to listen to your ideas and opinions as a business partner, and then aims to partner with you to introduce the best ideas onto the site?

Now, all of these qualities are being made available to you, both online, and offline.
Which site has collectively combined all of the above traits, and so very much more, and then made all of it available to everyone? In One Place.

We believe that it is no longer acceptable for social media websites, and especially a business networking website to run simply as a model to make profits for the website owners, whilst doing nothing to generate business for the millions of people using these site.


Businesses all over the world that use business social media, have been crying out for a genuinely useful business networking website, full to the brim with REAL PEOPLE, sharing REAL IDEAS, and creating REAL OPPORTUNITIES in a genuinely REAL NETWORKING environment.

It is with this ethos in mind that we have created INONEPLACE, the ability to connect with like minded people, share thoughts and opinions, create ground breaking new ideas, and profit from your very own network.